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Qualia CBD is on a Mission to Redefine the CBD Experience

At Qualia CBD, our mission is to create quality products that lead to quality experiences. We believe this starts with a seed-to-product process and ends when the customer enjoys and experiences the product. This means controlling the quality throughout every step of the process in order to ensure it meets the Qualia CBD standard. Qualia CBD oil is bio-available, easily absorbed by the body and pure enough to receive a pharmaceutical grade.This is just one of the many ways that Qualia CBD's products stand out from the crowd.

At Qualia CBD, we understand that when you experience better health it leads you to live a better quality of life. We design and distribute the purest and most bioavailable CBD Hemp Extract infused products and nutritional supplements to meet the needs of today’s active and health conscious individuals. Qualia CBD offers low prices for the highest-quality products with dedicated customer service and third party laboratory certifications. Qualia CBD is a vertically integrated farm-to-product manufacturer that engages in all aspects of product creation from design and sourcing, to distribution and final product. Our unique CBD Hemp Extract formulas contain superior-quality, organic and Non GMO source ingredients, and incorporate supercritical CO2 extraction methods.



When you purchase Qualia CBD CBD Hemp Extract infused supplements and other natural products, you receive our considerable experience and expertise. Our CBD Hemp Extract and CBD products  are designed to be effective rather than to target trends. We design our hemp oil extract products and nutritional supplements for optimal bio availability and body functioning. We only use the best ingredients available and control the quality from farm to final product.


What it means for Qualia CBD’s CBD products to be PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE.

The highest level of purity a dietary product or nutritional ingredient can obtain is a Pharmaceutical Grade. Technically speaking, no product or ingredient can be 100% pure — but for its Pharmaceutical grading, Qualia CBD products achieve a purity rating above 99%. All Qualia CBD's products are pharmaceutical grade, thereby guaranteeing every product in our line is free from binders, fillers, dyes and artificial ingredients. While some CBD Hemp Extract CBD products can say quality, Qualia CBD's CBD products are certified for purity and guaranteed for potency, efficacy, label accuracy and freshness. Qualia CBD's pure CBD oil supplements are extracted from organic hemp using a supercritical CO2 extraction method.